Our Team

Corey Coombs

Corey Coombs joined the Science Education Department as a mobile lab scientist and driver in July 2016. He attended the University of Washington (UW) where he earned degrees in Biology and Biochemistry. During his time at the UW, Corey contributed to research and volunteered at a local high school in the Seattle Public School District. His interests in the STEM field, as well as his desire to teach, led him to the Science Education Department at Seattle Children’s Research Institute.


Corey is responsible for leading classes onboard the Science Adventure Lab and for preparing the materials that students need to do their experiments. Corey also drives the mobile laboratory to schools around Washington State and maintains the vehicle. To be certified for this task, he completed truck driving school and received his Commercial Driver's License.


Corey is proud to be a part of Seattle Children’s and the community that it serves. He is thrilled for the opportunity to provide resources and assistance to students, which will allow them to discover their own excitement and passion for science.


When Corey is not at work, you will find him looking for a campsite with new views, or perhaps a café that serves the best deal on breakfast food.