2012 Seattle Science Festival

Launching this June, Seattle Science Festival is the region’s first large-scale community-wide celebration of science and technology that will bring hands-on exhibits, shows, demonstrations and performances to venues throughout the Pacific Northwest. All events will provide experiences that educate, engage and inspire an interest in science and technology and stimulate imagination and innovation. The Science Adventure Lab will be a featured partner at the Science Expo Day on June 2, and is an organizer of the June 8 South Lake Union Science Trek, a Festival Week highlight.

Science festivals are large-scale, community-wide celebrations of science and technology spread across many days and diverse venues. They are proven to affect awareness of and interest in science, and often serve as a defining moment in a year-round educational effort. Such festivals are now more visible than ever, with over 100 celebrations planned worldwide in 2012. Each festival is a unique platform for science, and scientists, often presenting science in unusual venues and in unexpected ways, upending stereotypes and expectations. Festival events break down traditional representations of science, transforming the way the public perceives and participates in science. Festivals build relationships directly with underserved communities, inspiring youth to consider science career paths.

The inaugural Seattle Science Festival will be held in June 2012 coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. The World’s Fair, also known as the Century 21 Exposition, celebrated advances in science and space travel and laid out a bold vision for an inspired future. Fifty years later, this spirit of exploration and imagination sets the stage for a community-wide celebration of our region’s unique position as a hub for creativity, innovation and discovery. A broad swath of Seattle cultural institutions are actively preparing to observe this milestone and considerable community and institutional infrastructure are already in place to participate in, and support, the event.

The Science Adventure Lab is an important part of this year’s Festival’s main event, the Science Expo Day, taking place at Seattle Center on June 2. This will be a large-scale, family-friendly event at Seattle Center featuring more than 150 interactive exhibits, stage performances, and demonstrations. We will be parked at Seattle Center, near the International Fountain and will be open for tours and fun science activities.

The South Lake Union Science Trek features a group of organizations that will take participants on a journey through the diverse science behind global health, modern biology, cancer research, health and wellness, and even sailing. Activities are geared toward K-12 students and align with Washington State educational standards for science and math. Please explore the Science Trek site to learn more about the fun activities we have planned.

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